File Protection

By shimer ·
Hi.I wonder if is there any program to protect files in hard drive. For example a Word document.I want to read, write, make changes and save the file but i want the file can not be copied or can not attach to an e-mail.

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Very Difficult

by oldbaritone In reply to File Protection

It's extremely difficult to grant read access to a document without allowing copying. You may be able to prevent the file itself from being copied, but usually there is another way like edit/copy (Ctrl-C) in the original document and paste the text into an email.

PDF format has some additional security features to protect against unauthorized copying, but if it can be read, there is probably a hacker who will be able to make a copy of it.

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I thought so

by shimer In reply to Very Difficult

The difficulty of protecting read data is exactly why I'm seeking for professional help. Let me try to explain the situation with a scenario:

X Company, which is working on engineering field, has numerous designers who use AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc., accounting department that use various accounting software, sales department, etc.

They want to protect sensitive data, like AutoCAD projects, from being sent to 3rd parties. The original idea was to store all of them in a file server with access management. So that designers could access drawings, open them, edit them and save them while other derpartments can not. In addition to this all access to the USB ports, disc drives, floppy drives on the local machines would be disabled so that no data could leave the PC. Except over internet, where I'm stuck at...

X Company wants that, employees can surf the web, send e-mails, even attach files for their personal needs or non-sensitive corporate usage (like proposal letters, technical specification PDF's etc.). But they shouldn't be allowed to upload or attach sensitive files, (which can be an AutoCAD drawing, or a Word document, or anything else so file format specific filtering is not an option.)

One idea was to store all sensitive files in special server/folders and use procss filtering so that AutoCAD.exe could access to that document but Outlook.exe couldn't. But this method isn't enough too, because the user could open the file with AutoCAD, save it to his/her local PC and then attach and send it.

This is all I can think of right now, and this is where I need help. Let me remid you that I'm not that much of an enterprise solutions pro. I'd like to know that if there is any way to comply all of X Company's requests and set up such a security system.

I'd appreciate your help.


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VERY very difficult

by guaitaku In reply to I thought so

As far as the company allows to use internet for personal use its very difficult to prevent some files that they have access to send them by email. You can monitor the web connections (there are some tools and proxys to monitor this) but unfortunately you can't monitor https connections (like gmail), and never know or bloc outbound files (also, using this method you can have legal problems).

There are some solutions like bloking all internet traffic on workstations (only allows to access Company's files and force users to connect to another computer / server or virtual machine using terminal server that only allows them to surf (blok access to Company Files).

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