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By b.yang ·
I am going to upgrade our file server due to the need to growth of company size.

this file server will be handing approx. 50 users access 10 hours every day.

will anyone advise a server for me? I am currently looking at IBM X3550, is it OK?

many thanks

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It could be depending on the rest of the LAN

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to file server

Being used here. The IBM has Gigabyte NIC Connections so if you are not using Gigabyte LAM it will not be as fast as it could be on the Network.

As for speed of File Sharing this really depends on Network Load when a request is made, Then Available Memory the more the faster things will be within reason and finally the speed of the HDD/s being used.

IBM & it's resellers will come out and suggest the best unit for your needs and so will any of the better other Server Makers. You can also consider White Box Servers which will be cheaper and depending on who you buy from may have a faster service turn around as the seller doesn't have as many Big Business Customers to support. But you'll need to ask the potential sellers on that one as to the call out times that you can expect.

Remember that Down Time costs money so the fastest Call Out times will be better for your Business.


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