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    File server and antivirus real time threat protection


    by naiqon ·

    I’m curious of this scenario.

    Let’s say there is a windows 2k3/8 running as file server with commercial antivirus sharing folder A. If a client is uploading, say 100,000 files of 10kb each, to folder A, how will the antivirus real time threat protection do its job and how does it affect the uploading?

    I believe the speed of transferring should be faster than antivirus scanning. So, the question now is, is the transferring process dependent or independent of antivirus real time scanning?

    With dependent, i meant, does the antivirus have to scan each file first before allowing the next file to get written to folder A.

    Independent meaning transferring will transfer at its rate to folder A only limited by the bandwidth, and the antivirus will scan at its pace as well, which should be slower than transferring (thus, backlogging, then where’s the real time protection?)

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      by naiqon ·

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      by robo_dev ·

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      The AV software runs on the client processor and OS; a file server typically has no interaction with the files on it when files are being moved.

      Typically you can scan files stored on the file server on the file server itself, such as overnight, but AV on the server itself can cause performance issues if it is trying to scan the file I/O of multiple users in real time.

      Thus normally people turn off real-time virus scanning on the server and let the clients do that. The only time you would need real-time scanning on the server is if you were surfing the web from the server, which of course is not a good idea.

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