File server dropping drive connections

By Dean Wheatley ·

I have a rebuilt windows 2003 fileserver that keeps dropping network drive connections. The server used to be our PDC/fileserver/WSUS server etc but after a RAID issue I have had to flatten it and start again. I have all the data files back on it and configured it as a fileserver only. The issue is if I connect to a network share and drill through a folder or 2 when I try and go back or go into another folder I get a delay then an error stating that there was an error reconnecting drive n:

Any ideas?

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System event Log Errors

by BFilmFan In reply to File server dropping driv ...

Are there any errors in the server's event log?

Are tehre any hardware issues?

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No Event log errors

by Dean Wheatley In reply to System event Log Errors

No hardware issues anymore, duff HDD's replaced. I have also ran full diags on all system components. Also, oddly, nothing in the event log either. It just randomly disconnects the drive then you have to close down windows explorer and start up again and it works again for a few seconds. The interim server that I setup for disaster purposes handles the file server role fine and that is running from a 250gb usb drive..

would it be easier to promote the FS to a DC?

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