File server (Windows2003 Standard) Network trouble?

By Nikki_J ·
Hi there,
I'm new in IT and currently working as a IT person in the office.
I have to make policies and manuals since there is non in this office. (working by project base)

They have a file server, Windows 2003 Standard edition, but uses for only sharing purpose.
No one really does backup properly and no policy at the moment.
So if user's PC crushes, they have to send it for data recovery shop(which costs a lot).
So a GM here wants ppl to put all data onto the filesvr, not on their laptop.

There are 70 poeple in the office and nomally 40-50 ppl are in the office daily.

Other IT staff are worried that it may cause a big traffic and and network problem if many poeple access at the same time.

I have no idea how to measure and estimate how much the server can keep the stablility.
Can 40-50ppl access this server at the same time and edit and save directly? (Of course, not the same file)

Please give me some tips....

We can find out the size of the data and storage size but I dont know about network issue....

Thank you!!!!!

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Well here it all depends on the Power of the Server

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to File server (Windows2003 ...

How much RAM is fitted and the speed of the HDD and network.

But a simple answer is that yes 50 people can use a File Server to work off their documents with without a problem but the Server has to be powerful enough to support the work as well as the network Fast enough to handle the traffic that is generated.

As this is a Windows Server you'll also require the approbate number of CAL's so that all the users can log on at the same time.

With Thin Clients which do all of their processing on the server so to speak I use a small Blade Server with 8 to 10 CPU's, with lots of RAM but as this is a version of Windows 2003 you'll be limited to somewhere around the 3.25 GIG as no 32 Bit System can use more and ideally have a RAID 5 or better array connecting through a Gigabyte Network.

Depending on what you have in place it may or may not be sufficient for the stated needs.


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Thank you!

by Nikki_J In reply to Well here it all depends ...

Thanks Col, and sorry for the late reply.
Ok, I will have to check what you have mentioned above.

>How much RAM is fitted and the speed of the HDD and network.
>approbate number of CAL's

Thank you!

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you!

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