File Shares disappear shortly after booting or rebooting server

By akish ·
We had the Conficker.aa worm floating around the network for over a month before it was finally erradicated. In that space of time we have had various "strange" things happen that I've never encountered. I have two main questions, one of which I will post here, and I will start a q/a session on the other seprately.

On a previously infected computer (our web server), we have several shares. Permissions wise, nothing had changed. Previous to the Conficker worm, we never had issues with it. Now, our shares intermittantly disappear from a person who tries to access them even though that person has permissions (even admin). Looking at the share, all permissions are fine, user settings are fine, the folder is still shared (Hand under the folder), and the server service is still running. Yet one cannot gain access to the \\computername\share using that method. Logon scripts will not map a drive either. Finally, I resorted to creating a new server, new name, IP address, and creating new shares. It too, experiences the same problem. At some point shortly after a boot or reboot, the shares simply do not respond, yet are there in every way. Rebooting will bring the shares back, but only for a very short time. No errors pertaining to these shares appear in the event logs either.

Running w2k3 (standard) servers with all fixes, patches and service packs applied to date
AD is native mode, 4 domain controllers
IIS is configured on the box with

Comments and suggestions are welcomed. I've hit a brick wall on this and must now reach out to those who might offer suggestions I had not considered. Any help is appreciated.

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