File sharing duplication

By abeoj ·
Hi all,
Please could you provide a way forward for me here.
I have a two offices (3 miles apart): Each site are on Windows 2008 R2, both on different network one site has a domain controller and the other is just a server (not yet a DC)bothe sites are already connected to the internet. Each site has already connected via VPN broadband connection, data can be shared between them. We are a graphic design firm and need both servers to have same share file contents.
How can I set up the server to update themself at night? We can not afford a T1 line, the VPN is slow when obtaining data from the other site. But if data synchronisation is there we will at least know that the data will be replicated to each site the following day. Please help.

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Site-to-Site VPN and DFS Replication

by abeoj In reply to DFS

Hi Choppit,
Thank you sported my problem and gave pointed me in the right direction. I went through the link and able to build on the knowledge. Before I start things. As I mentioned both sites are already connected Via VPN. The Site-A has a DC and Site-B does not. All the files we use are in Site-A, do I need to join the server in site-B to a domain on Site-A before I configure DFSR on the Server of Site-A. At the moment Site-B server is just a stand alone server and not a DC. I want all the files on Site-A server to be replicated (twoway) to site B server.

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simple fix

by mike In reply to Site-to-Site VPN and DFS ...

if you have your vpn in place, use Synctoy from microsoft to create a synch between folders through the vpn. Create a schedule, run the schedule.
synctoy can sync folders both ways, 1 way, the other way....

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