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FIle Sharing from anywhere, USA

By kasb31-tr ·
What is the easiest and cheap way for me to upload and download files to my home server (Windows 2000) so that I can share files with others?

I started to use ClarkCOnnect but it is a little confusing since I don't know linux. I am open to any suggestions or if there is a "FTP for dummies" or "File Sharing ABC's" book that can be recommeded.

I understand the concept of FTP and willing to try any options.

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FTP is not very secure, nor is Win2K.

by robo_dev In reply to FIle Sharing from anywher ...

A Windows 2000 box with FTP would get compromised very easily.

The most secure option would be to use a service such as:

If you want to do it yourself, a properly patched and hardened Windows2003 server would be the best host, and you would want to use a SCP server (Secure Copy Protocol) which would allow encypted file transfer.

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