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    file sharing in Win7


    by michael2327 ·

    Run a small computer lab for an elementary school and my server crashed recently. I thought to open up a file to share with the other computer users on my main computer only to find that Win7 limits connectivity to 20 computers. Does anyone know how to dis-able that limit? Set higher – say 50 computers?

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      You’re trying to run a file server

      by Ed Bott ·

      In reply to file sharing in Win7

      There’s no way to disable that limit. If you want to share a file with that many users, you need to be running a server version of Windows (or alternatively, another operating system). As an educator, you should qualify for discounted prices on that software. I would suggest looking into that.

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      Using a cloud drive to share your files

      by ailsa66 ·

      In reply to file sharing in Win7

      you could use a cloud drive, like Google drive, CloudMe, Dropbox, etc. or you can use MultCloud to manage multiple cloud drives in one place. Then put your files into cloud drive, then your students can view the files easily.

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      by janis92708 ·

      In reply to file sharing in Win7

      There are a lot of software can be choose for such. By imputing the IPs of all the to be syndicated computers, the files can be transferred. And some of such software are designed for server controller. Hope this can be helpful to you.

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      Split the files on multiple PCs

      by juztsteve1 ·

      In reply to file sharing in Win7

      Can you put the file(s) you want to share on more than one computer? You then can split the connections amongst more lab computers. If not, like others said, you can use cloud storage for that.

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