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File Sharing/Peer to Peer

By Mdog911 ·
I wanted to know the general consensus on file sharing/swapping software such as KaZaa and the like. I have heard both ends of the spectrum. Still being in the stone age, I have dial up and don not have the patience to wait until a song is downloaded, so I have yet to use any of these music filesharing utilities...However, being in the field of network security I was wondering what he risks were and what common problems that people experiences were...???Some have said that KaZaa is virus laden, while others have yet to notice any problems whatsoever. Is utilizing Kazaa and the like like playing with fire??

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Legally or Technically

by Deadly Ernest In reply to File Sharing/Peer to Peer

Legally using KaZaa can be a veritable landmine, there is a lot of problems with cross jurisdictions and laws on intellectual property etc.

Technically, any file is capable of having some malicious script concealed in it. A good anti-virus scanner running full time live and with up to date definitions will give you very good protection. You would still be exposed to a new virus until it was detected and defended against, but thats life.

It is not possible to be one hundred percent secure,the bigger the network you connect to the higher the risk factors. But take good security measures and they are manageable.

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by mrafrohead In reply to File Sharing/Peer to Peer

I would stay away from Kazaa like you would a Leper. It's bad stuff and you don't want to catch it. A lot of Kazaa installs are chock full of spyware and other little addons that you probably didn't ask for. The networks do have a few problems with them and their content. Although mostly you will run into problems with the RIAA and the MPAA which is far and few between but a growin occurance.

The great part is that both of those God Awful Associations don't care WHAT you are downloading. Just that you are. If you are getting material that has no copyright whatsoever, they will still try to give you trouble.

Personally, I recommend using WinMX. I am friends with a guy that helped to code it. There are NO backdoors or trojans in it. It's a safe program and I have never encountered a problem while on the WinMX networks.

Remember though, downloading files from any stranger, you need to be wery of it. You don't know this person and they may be out just to inflict problems. Or as rumored, they may be with the RIAA or MPAA and are sending out virus filled files, just because they suck eggs to much.

That's right, you can tell I like those two organizations a lot. How many other places try to remove your rights andcharge you for it too???


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Kazaa is playing with fire

by gibsonhl2001 In reply to File Sharing/Peer to Peer

Everytime I have a problem here at the school I look at the programs loaded on it and Kazaa is always one of them that is a common file and with Trendmicro PCillian it has shown that the files have been from Kazaa.

I remove it everytime I see it on a system and the problems disappear.

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by patracy_uk In reply to Kazaa is playing with fir ...

I would tend to agree with both comments concerning Kazaa as i have experienced nothing but trouble whenever it has been installed, nor do i think it is alone.
But having used many diff progs overseveral years i now use Winmx exclusively and would recomend it heartily,.. the only problems i have expetrienced has been the (recent) proliferation of 'spoof' files supposedly infiltrated by those two holy bodies the MIAA and MPAA. Then again there are ways of checking a dl in progress to save wasting time and other ways of authenticating files so this is no more than a minor nuisance anymore

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