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File sharing problems with 2003

By MIS_Man ·
Using file sharing on a 2003 server I have set up a share volume. But if I browse through the network and double-click on the server name it tells me that I do not have the necessary rights. I have gone in and even elevated my user name to have full control over that share through the permissions and security tabs within properties. Any thoughts? this server is only joined to my NT 4.0 domain, it is not acting as a PDC or BDC.
File sharing is checked under the NIC properties.


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Re: File sharing problems with 2003

by teshamin_b In reply to File sharing problems wit ...

Check your SMB signing on the 2003 server.
More than likely its enabled.

Disabled the SMB signing and reboot the server.

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Senior Tech

by bill In reply to Re: File sharing problems ...

I have run into this also! I have found a few ways around it. What I have done which was the easiest was to allow the Guest account to be enabled. This opened up the server to browsing. However I did not like that. So I turned on the services for IIS 6.0 but I did not allow any access to anything in the IIS 6.0 file system and did not create anything for the WEB service or FTP or News Group. This did allow me access now to the file server and browsing to the files I needed access too. It seems that file sharing, even though it is turned on, it does not function until another service is turned on that will require the same services. I have contact MS about this but got no reply!

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WINS Server

by MIS_Man In reply to Senior Tech

So is this why the file sharing started working after I included the WINS server IP address in the TCP/IP settings. I had to re-read your post again to really let it sink in...sorry, that would make sense because the WINS server requires some of the same services as File and Print sharing (I think). Not sure I feel comfortable enabling the Guest account, but I will continue to monitor the server but so far everything is working great! Also using Veritas Backup Exec with a 40/80gb DLT drive. So far so good.

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security templates

by secure_lockdown In reply to Re: File sharing problems ...

make sure you haven't applied the highest & strictest security templates. get the thing to work first - then secure it opening what you need.

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by dafe2 In reply to security templates
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is netbios enabled?

by secure_lockdown In reply to File sharing problems wit ...

i assume it is.

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WINS sever

by MIS_Man In reply to is netbios enabled?

Thanks for your thoughts, No netbios is not enabled, but I was able to get it working by including the WINS server IP address in the WINS entry under the TCP/IP settings(on the 2003 server). Whats weird is that as soon as I added that entry into the settings and rebooted the server everything "just started working properly". Very strange...

Again, does anyone know why this is NOW working?


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Windows 2003 in a NT 4 Domain

by BFilmFan In reply to WINS sever

The clients have to use WINS to locate the Windows 2003 server. Since it is isn't in an Active Directory domain using DNS, the server is acting just like a NT 4.0 member server is the reason the issue was resolved when you added the WINS server entry to the TCP/IP settings.

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