File sharing solutions

By Spector ·
I'm looking for a solution on file sharing through our companys subsidiary. we have no connection to them, the're standalone.
We have had an ftp server on a try but it was through microsofts ftp/iis but i found it to be to simple and unsecure, we had several hacking attempt on it and there was no way to block the ip.

what's the most popular in this area now? something over https with login/password etc?
Hamachi? VPN? G-mail? or some web hotel? Haven't checked with our web site suplier if they have anything...

Im only looking for simple data sharing no remote control in any way.
I've like the solution to be kind of "good looking" with some preview on files/pictures which you don't get on an ftp solution.

Any sugestion?

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Why not FTP?

by El_Duce In reply to File sharing solutions

Why not use ftp over a linux machine?

If you have well secured network I don't see why you can't block an IP.

What I'd suggest is :
Create DMZ
put linux ftp in it
On your firewall block all access except from IPs you declare to be trusted.

And then still people have to use username and password to connect.

For any other solutions : What is the amount of data that has to shared? And on what time intervals?

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a number of options...

by ---TK--- In reply to File sharing solutions

Like the other poster said, you might want to look into a linux based server to host FTP. Its pretty secure, have done that in the past... they handle brute force attacks really well, and you can config them to automatically ban IP's... there is also a win version that I have used in the past, extreamly easy to set up and use, very secure, free to try, but after 30 days you can still use it, but its limited. It is the prices are good, not to expensive in all consideration.

Hamachi is also an option, I built a WAN with it for a restaurant owner. He had security cams for each location, in its config, I pointed file/print sharing, and the security cams to the virtual hamachi NIC... It works really well. Although, I don't know exactly how secure it is (I warned the owner)... there was no Financial documents ever being transfered, so he accepted the risk. That was two years ago, and he hasnt had any issues since.

hopefully this helps... post up if you have more q's...

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I'll take a look

by Spector In reply to File sharing solutions

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a look on a linux ftp solution in DMZ. I haven't done anything simular so that would be kind of interesting to set up.


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