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By Tyharo ·
I have recently been transferring files between laptops but every time i want to transfer something I have to copy the file to my external hard drive then connect the external to the other laptop and drag the file over. This gets very annoying after a while so I was wondering how I would be able to transfer files between my laptops without the use of and flash drives or external hard drives.
Would creating a wireless file sharing server work? If so how would I make one, I have full access to my modem and router as well.

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Just share a folder on the source or destination computer.

by Slayer_ In reply to File Sharing
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As you didn't mention what OS is in use here try here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to File Sharing

Though if you are not using XP you may need to visit the M$ Site to find out the differences in using Vista or 7 Homegroups.


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Generally speaking, you look in your OS "start menu".

by seanferd In reply to File Sharing

There will be an app for networking in it. Generally tell you how to connect two computers directly, or through a router or server or whatever. Same general place you go to set up internet connections.

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