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By sw723 ·
I have a fax system that sends my faxes to my email. The faxes come in as a *.tif file. When they come in , they are very clear and their file size is small; like 16 to 18 kb. When I scan a document to fax and save as a *.tif it saves it as a much larger file like 400-600 kb. I have my file compression set at the lowest it can go. Any Suggestions? I would like to scan documents and keep the file size small. Windows 98. Fax system is j2 fax or efax..... or

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by sgt_shultz In reply to FILE SIZE

make sure you have optimized your scanning software not just for resolution but black and white etc.
wow, i love stuff like this. i do not know the answer to your question. wise acre response is fax them to yourself. which i am sure you already thought of...
here is what i think i know about tifs. none of this news to you...
all tifs not created equal, as you see. different 'flavors' is the way it usually gets put to me. i think that means definition of tif flexible enuf to allow this variation. anyhow, depending on software doing the compression, meaning how the programmer wrote the codec.
so in short, try different software. like photoshop. see if they make smaller tif. if software supports twain, can talk direct to scanner.
also other thing i have idea about tifs is that can come with 2 tifs per image. one for screen at lo res and one for print at hi res.

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by TheChas In reply to FILE SIZE

My primary thoughts on this is that a fax machine works to a much lower resolution than any current model scanner.

The fax is not sent as a tif file, but as a series of data that is used to reconstruct the document.
Your fax software is converting the data stream to a tif image of the document.

Start with your scanner settings.
Is the resolution set as low as it can go?
Black and white mode should create a smaller image file than gray scale.
Unless you plan to sent the tif file to another PC, you do not want to scan for a fax in color.

Come to think of it, your scanner application may be leaving the color information in the tif file.
You need to see if you can set the file properties for black and white only.

Side note: the tif file format is not a compressed format. Compressed image formats include jpg and gif.


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