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I want to locate software that allows me to organize files in a logical grid fashion.

This is much like windows desktop grid with out any auto arrange feature.

I have tried to turn off auto arrange in the file folder and there is no option to do so, at best I can get it down to only sorting by name.

If it was something like access or excel that I can drag files into that would be good enough. Ideally I can also drag a new version of the file onto the same space and it will version track that file as well. added bonus to have it sync with multiple users but not important at this point.

Any ideas if this is out there or do I have to look into developing it myself?

Here is a link to a drop box photo of the general concept
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Drop box link to picture of general idea

by File Soldier In reply to File Sorting Software - V ...
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Did you ever try this one?

by jonesst430 In reply to File Sorting Software - V ...

PhotoMove is an app that uses EXIF data to automatically move (or copy) and sort the photos into folders based on the actual date.

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Not quite

by File Soldier In reply to Did you ever try this one ...

Hey thanks for the reply jonesst430

Looks neat, but this only works for photos and I need it to work for at least word, excel, PDF, as well as photos.

Also this seems to do organizing for you, but don't need auto organizing, I am looking for something that lets me customize my layout, much like a windows desktop, but perhaps with labels.

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File Sorting Software

by marks567217 In reply to File Sorting Software - V ...

Try File Juggler for file sorting. I hope it will help

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