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File sorting utilities for Windows??

By caestelle ·
Does anyone know of a good file sorting utility for Windows 2000/XP?? I basically I am looking for something that will allow me to sort based a multiple attributes...for instance file type and date modified. Any info is appreciated!!

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by dafe2 In reply to File sorting utilities fo ...

Powerdesk or Folder Sizes..........I don't have the links right off but you could google for either product. (Powerdesk is likely what your after)

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Thanks, but not what I am looking for..

by caestelle In reply to Try

I am wanting something that I can sort files on multiple attributes at the same time.
Example: Sort a list of files by type and then within that sort, sort them again by date modified. Neither Windows Explorer nor PowerDesk allows this to my knowledge.

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Sorting by Multiple Attributes

by TimeAcct In reply to File sorting utilities fo ...

Hello Ravens04 - I am not sure this exactly meets your needs - but we produce a utility called Disk Triage ( that will do what you are looking for.

The sorting capability is not it's main purpose - but it is there. We don't have Extension in the Grid that you can sort - but you can sort by all the other columns. We also allow you to export the list of files to Excel, column Delimted text files, HTML, PDF, RTF, etc.

Anyway - there is a full featured 20 day trial you can download and play with at the website above.

I hope this helps...

Bradley MacDonald

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File utility

by paul.haviland.ctr In reply to File sorting utilities fo ...

File wizard by Knozall systems was an excellent utility. I was free for desktop but for server was priced per gig

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