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By prabodhanpatil ·
What are the best secure file storage and transfer services online (apart from Google Drive, WeTransfer and Dropbox)?
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At our office it's a small server.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to File Storage

We set it up to allow SSH type connections. Cost is far less than most offerings and it is very cloud like. As in, something smaller than what you see at

I can't explain why folk that sell cloud services go on the attack here.

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If you want Secure On Line

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to File Storage

Then the simple answer is there is none.

Just because Cloud Storage is a tempting Target for the Bad Guys and when some of those Bad Guys are Foreign Countries the best possible security any company could muster will hold for about 5 seconds against a State Player who has resources that are undreamed of by the Normal Crackers.

The best Tempting Targets are large Cloud Storage Facilities who have many clients as when they break the security on one of these places they can access thousands of customers Data.

Compare that to a single hosted Web Site run by a company where there is just the one user so that type offers a low return unless that want specifically something from that particular company. But for the General Fishing Cracks the Big Cloud Players are always the best target for Country Crackers as they offer a Large return for little effort and the scary thing is that the companies running those Cloud Facilities do not even realise that they have been cracked and all their customer Data copied.

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Free File Storage ?

by danielbora In reply to File Storage

Here are some free online secure Storage
1 - Mega
2 - WorkDrive
3- OneDrive

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Is Digiboxx good?

by prabodhanpatil In reply to Free File Storage ?

Is Digiboxx - a file sharing platform good? how secure it is? Anybody using a digiboxx file sharing -

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If it works for you

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Is Digiboxx good?

It's good if it doesn't do what you need it's rubbish.

Just remember no matter how Secure these places claim they are they will be broken open in under a few seconds when it is a Country Intelligence Services that opens them up as opposed to just some Cracker.

You should never put anything into any Cloud which you do not have backed up elsewhere that way you are far more likely to keep it.

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