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File Storage Size

By kbonnett ·
Is there a difference between the file size of an audio file and a text file with the identical information? If audio storage is significantly larger, is compression a viable option? Is there an audio format that is more storage and quality friendly than others?

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No. Go ahead a rename any sound file with a txt extension.

by seanferd In reply to File Storage Size

It still will be a binary file, but the size won't change. If you had a method to encode audio as text, it would likely result in a much larger file. But a 1K file is a 1K file, regardless of content.

Text files compress greatly, audio or image files not so much. You can "compress" them by changing the format. Some image or audio files allow you to save in the same format with greater compression, but there will be some quality loss. But most people listen to lossy audio anyway, like MP3. You can't really further compress an MP3, but you can compress a WAV file greatly. FLAC is a good lossless compressor.

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