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File Synchronization / Offline Files

By Mike ·
I have been using the native offline files with Windows XP for awhile, and I was wondering if anyone has any other utilities or programs that they like.

The reason I am looking for something else is because I have a user who syncs several Gig of files, mostly from office apps. It takes forever to sync the files, and usually there are errors, especially that pesky ?incorrect function? errors.

It also seems like pretty often, if there is any problem synching a directory structure, then random files will no longer be available offline, and if the user syncs remotely, it never works. The result of an unsuccessful remote sync is usually that modified files are lost, and files and folders which were available offline are no longer available.

Microsoft Sync Toy is pretty nice, but it has a pesky 260-ish path length limitation on it, so I can not use it.

So tell me what you use, and what you like / don?t like about it.

- Mike Scott

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260-ish path length

by paul.haviland.ctr In reply to File Synchronization / Of ...

I think the whole microsft world has this problem I would work around it by limit your directory depth, limit directory names to 18 charactors, and dont use spaces in filenames.

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Darn users!

by Mike In reply to 260-ish path length

Thanks for the Reply

If only this were a perfect world, and users created reasonable folder names. Unfortunately, the folder names are out of my hands.

I had never seen this problem with other Microsoft Apps, but I know an older version of Adobe didn?t like long path names. I think its limit was somewhere near 62 characters?

- Mike Scott

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by Mike In reply to File Synchronization / Of ...

Since making the original post, I came across SyncBack:

It is pretty sharp, but I would still love to hear other people?s opinions. One thing that I loved about offline files in Windows is the fact that they remain in their locations when you are offline. This is really helpful with embedded or linked files.

Free is nice too :-)

- Mike Scott

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SyncBack is it

by wchaster In reply to SyncBackSE

I have it running in a SOHO and after you get through the configuration. I use it as a daily backup.

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