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File system FAT32 versus NTFS

By name holdout ·
One of my customers uses FAT32 for the C: drve and NTFS for the drive. The majority of staff are external users who VPN in to the network.

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Use the horse for your course

by Deadly Ernest In reply to File system FAT32 versus ...

NTFS is a better file system for the hard drive as far as speed, utilisation and amount of storage is concerned. It also allows for longer file total names.However it has a number of drawbacks.

Each Windows operating system version of NTFS is NOT fully compatible with the others. Nor is it radily readable by many other systems. This can be a source of higher security. But this comes with a higher risk of data loss, low increase but there.

FAT32 is readable by just about every existing operating system since DOS 5. It does have restriction in the total file name sizes etc. Total file name refers to the file name including the nesting locations. for example


will be rcognised by both FAT32 and NTFS but FAT32 will have a hernia with this.

c:\users\joe bloggs\program files\personal\games\first person\diabloII\game.exe

This has just too many characters and too deeply nested for FAT32 to work with.

In the client example above the NTFS would be providing a higher capabilty re response, storage and security. While the FAT32 would be easier to work with via remote access software.

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On of the main reasons for

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Use the horse for your co ...

putting your OS on a FAT32 drive was so you could fix problems with a boot floppy. It was they way I was taught to do it from NT3.51.

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Easy to convert file sys into yor choice

by awaisqurni In reply to File system FAT32 versus ...

Plz try, the window crystal, and run boot CD, use the available features, for your complete sys, and disks, very easy to use, Disk drives may hide, the difference file sys, for example, one drive is fat sys, and one is ntfs, to show all drives must be in the same formats.

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