file system not visible to XP but can be seen using DOS

By john.hill4 ·
Given an installation of Windows XP Home to look at which wouldn't boot at all. Put the HDD as slave to my Master in my machine to see if file structure OK etc and find that my PC now runs like treacle , HDD light on most of the time.XP cannot see contents of slave HDD and locks up explorer trying to see files. Scandisk won't run on this drive and ChkDsk reports unrecoverable errors.
Bad news so far.
HOWEVER if I boot from a win98 boot disc I can not only see the file and directory structure on the troubled disc I can copy off any required files onto the master HDD. Both drives are FAT32.
Anyone any thoughts on what might be happening here? as I would like to restore the drive if possible to full working order without a reinstall of XP.
Drive also tests out virus free

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The most obvious thing would be

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to file system not visible t ...

An infection that damages the File Allocation Tables though you just may have a damaged drive where the heads have touched the platters as it's been running.

Try the Drive Makers Testing Utility and test the drive by itself and see if it passes. As this is already in a known Good Computer if it fails the test the Drive is on it's way out so you need to get all the data off it ASAP and scrap the drive. If it pases you may need to use some third party repair tool to fix the HDD File structure and FAT's.


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damaged drive

by john.hill4 In reply to The most obvious thing wo ...

Thanks Hal9000
Further investigation revealed a missing FAT media byte and scandisk rebuilt the FAT but then went on to report unrecoverable errors which it could not fix. Have recovered as much data as is still visible to DOS but the drive is heading for the bin!
Further questioning of the PCs owner reveals that his young son pulled the power lead out of the power supply with the PC running and ,surprise surprise,it wouldn't boot up after that!!!Nice if he had told me that first off!!

John H

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