File transfer from MAC OSX to Windows 2003 R2 x64 share EXTREMELY slow.

By Jkarns ·
I have a very odd issue, I'll do my best to explain.

We are mainly a Windows (non domain, workgroup) network. Mostly PCs with the exception of a few MACs. We have 2 fileservers that serve the same purpose.

Server 1: Windows Server 2003, SP2
Server 2: Windows Server 2003 R2 x64

All PC's and MAC's can connect fine to Server1, and file transfer time is just as it should be. BUT, on Server2...the PCs are all still fine; but the MACs run into issues. There are 5 MACs. One of them is OSX 10.36, and all is well. But, the other four were recently upgraded to Snow Leopard.(The issue was there before the upgrade...I was hoping it was the answer.) These machines can connect, but file transfer time is unusably slow. The progress bar finally comes up after 20 seconds or so, but then it takes another minute or two to complete the transfer. We aren't talking big files either. It actually doesn't seem to matter if it's a 33kb or 12mb file. To me, it's pointing to a problem on the MACs. Maybe authentication?

I have tried to manually set the MAC and server for 100mbps full duplex, per posts I found earlier to no avail. Again...the problem was there before the upgrade to Snow Leopard, all where running OSX 10.4 and higher. I ran across a forum saying that the upgrade might be the answer. It wasn't. I have also tried to change some registry keys and group policy (even though the server IS NOT a domain controller) concerning Digital sign communications. No dice. Does anyone have any incite into this issue?

Server1 is running out of room...and I really need this resolved!

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Windows 2003 MAC share performamce is very slow

by fuscoa In reply to File transfer from MAC OS ...


Did you find a solution to this? I have a similar setup. I am using the Windows MAC file share to connect a handful of MAC desktops to a Windows 2003 server. The performamce is horrible from the MAC to the Windows server.

Thank you

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