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By owens ·
I have two Compaq Presario computers the second one I purchased just three or four days ago. To the best of my knowledge I have tried everything to use the file transfer. I even got on line with Compaq tech. support. Basically they gave me the same procedures that are in X P help.

After selecting the documents I want transferred my older computer gets started right away, however the new one starts off with about two green blocks then it just sits there and says it is still waiting. I can't find anything wrong with the new computer I got all the latest Windows updates for it and my other computer which is only 3 years old works absolutely perfect I dumped extra money in it for more disk space and hire memory. My brand new computer has both plenty of each. I found a transfers software package called IntelliMove put out by Memorax I think. I ordered this on the Internet last night. I just don't have time to keep trying this although it has to be done. I have about 30 GB of information or more to transfer. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this? Thanks so much for any input.

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by VinnyD In reply to File transfer

The easiest way to transfer the files from your old computer to the new one is to remove the hard drive from the old computer and temp put it in the new one.

This is what I do.

Remove the hard drive from the old computer

The new computer should have the CD drive on a separate cable from the hard drive. Unplug the CD power and data cables and plug them into the old hard drive.

Boot up the new computer

Now you should have a C and D drive (d being the old drive).

You can not use Windows explorer to direct copy from the D drive to the C drive any files that you want.

When done copying the files, shutdown and remove the old hard drive, plugging in the CD-Rom drive again.

Boot your computer up and you have all the files on the new computer.

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by owens In reply to

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by appus In reply to File transfer

You have not specified how you tried to transfer data. if u r using a switch, u have to have two cables. if u r using a single network cable, it is crossover cable. Please specify.. even if you have a software, pc should be physically connected (unless u have a wireless connection).

If you are okay with removing Hard drive, then u can do the way as the person said above. otherwise if u are using a cable, you can connect thru ip.

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by owens In reply to File transfer

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