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FileMaker on Mac networks - anyone else get burned?

By jlafitte ·
A person who shall remain nameless at a medium-sized business likewise unnamed has been keeping me posted on a week-long nightmare of corrupted files on their corporate server and paralysis of their corporate operations which depend on FileMaker to operate.

Background - the branch office in question recently went over to the new Macintosh workstations, the ones with a system case about twice the size of an Altoids tin and half as impressive. A number of minor corrupted transaction files cascaded into a branch-wide failure that lasted from last Tuesday to today - a week of substantially lost access to records which are vital to sales, delivery of services and billing. Revenue took a major, major hit.

I'm mainly posting this to pour scorn on Apple's series of ads which use a functional Gen-X guy to symbolize their Macintosh computer versus a cheap-suited, neurotic, dysfunctional old guy as the PC.

If we had an honesty in advertising law in this country, then based on the actual experience I described, the Macintosh guy would have had to be portrayed as a burned-out hash freak who lay around on the floor masturbating instead of doing anything productive.

I'll take the old guy in the business suit = PC, thanks very much. He shows up for work on time and can be relied on to crank out the goods (unless his operator decides to hang out on fantasy sports Web sites or look at Russian porn).

Speaking of picking up nasty computerized diseases, the incident to which I allude may indicate that Macs STILL aren't as virus-free as their advertising indicates. As a volunteer at my sons' private school, I have seen numerous Macintosh computers which have been infected irredeemably with a virus which instead of yielding to the Norton Utilities for Macintosh, infected the disks on which my work copy resided. Went from "sad Mac" to "dead Mac" in no time at all. And this was in the mid-1990s.

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