Files and folders set to read only overnight

By rblg ·
Hoping someone can give me some advice - I am a user only ie. not particularly that technically minded. Our PC (running Windows XP) was fine until last night. During the night I had left it running a NERO backup. This morning the PC had rebooted and I had received a message advising that a Windows update had required an automatic reboot. The problem is that both of our main drives and pretty much all of our files and folders have now been flagged read only. I am unable to create new folders and name them - excel files I was working on yesterday are now read only etc. We are running KIS and Spyware Doctor - does this sound like a virus?? Could the windows update have caused this? Any assistance appreciated (simple terms please!).

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First thing is to make sure that when the system restarted

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Files and folders set to ...

It went to the correct User Account.

Then turn off Auto Updates if you simply must have it on set it to download only so you can supervise the install and not allow anything that you don't want to be installed.

Check your most recent Backup to ensure that it was complete before the restart.

If none of that cures the problem post back.


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