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Files and settings transfer wizard

By Psydeffect ·
Hi guys,
I made a backup of my documents and e-mails usings the transfer wizard under "System Tools" in XP. It went through without any hassel, but when it came to importing all the info and data back it gives an error... "Files are not in the location specified"... Althought, when I go into the folder the files are there... (IMG00001.DAT, IMG00002.DAT and a status file) Comes to about 3,5GB worth of data.

Does anyone know of any other way to extract these files or possibly repair them?

Are there any other software availible that I can try to extract these DAT files with?

Please help.

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by YNTBOM In reply to Files and settings transf ...

Requesting New Computer is vital to the completion of the function. Did you request Old Computer for the from and New Computer for the to? Also the place where the file is located (stored)is very important. The location should be either, mapped on a computer or placed on a CD. That is the only way you can get a file of that size to save. the other problem is whether your computers have the File and Transfer Wizard already on it; or if you have to place it on a disk. The operating system is an issue here. Windows 98 and 2000 will need a disk with the startup application of FASTWIZ on it. Good Luck.

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by Psydeffect In reply to

Hi. Thanks for the info, but I'm still stuck. The data was saved to a slave drive on the PC. After the data was transfered, the Master Drive was formatted and XP Pro was reinstalled. After that I ran the transfer wizard again to get all the data back and that's where the "Fit hit the Shan" so to speak. Now I can't get any of the data extracted from these 2 "DAT" files. Is there any 3rd party software availible that I could use to extract these files?

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I have the same problem

by farzinh In reply to

I have the same problem as your, I was wonderring if you have solved your problem?

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I thin kI found the solution!

by farzinh In reply to Files and settings transf ...

after looking every where for an answer i think I found the solusion whcih is unbleivably easy. when the wizard asks for the location of the save file instead of browsing direclty to the USm folder just direct it to the subfolder for instance if you file is save in My Doc../sto/USMT2.unc DO NOT DIRECT THE WIZARD OT THE USMT2.UNC just direct it to C:.../sto for some reason this works!!!!!

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by estebingus In reply to I thin kI found the solut ...

You are a genius!!!! Thank you for posting your solution. It saved me a ton of time.

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