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    Files Corrupted After RAID5 drive replac


    by damullen ·

    Our Win 2000 SP4 server with a RAID 5 external array suffered a failed drive. This is a data-only 1.7 TB array, not the system volume. Before the replacement drive was rec’d we developed a problem with another drive in the array. Not bad enough to fail it but it crashed the server. Brought it back up, it came online and the console reported “The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable.” Replaced the failed drive a few hours later. Since then we’ve found many many folders and files on this volume that are corrupted. Can’t modify, move, rename or delete them. No NEW corruptions since the drive replacement so we’ve been restoring backed up data to new folders so the small # of affected users can work ’til we get this fixed. Question: is it safe to run CHKDSK on a RAID 5 array? Will it automatically take the volume offline or should we temporarily remove the sharepoints so our users don’t try to access the drive? We’re going to do this afterhours but if a user does try to use the volume & it’s online what would happen? Guidance? Advice?

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      by p.j.hutchison ·

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      chkdsk does not take drives off line, they cannot do their job otherwise.
      I would recommend to remove shares if repairing the volume.
      If worse come to worse, a reformat a restore of the data may be required.

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