Files do not work after recovery

By praneet.jhun ·
had deleted some video files by mistake
but after recovery these video files are not playing...please help!!
Thanks in advance

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More info required

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Files do not work after r ...

What is your operating system?
What media was the deletion carried out on?
How long before the deletion was restored?
Was the restore from the Recycle Bin or by File Reclamation software?

Much more details please.

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info reqd!

by praneet.jhun In reply to More info required

windows xp sp2
Deletion was on HDD
deletion was 10 mins before restoration
used file scavenger 3.0

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According to Scavenger's helpfiles . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to info reqd!

"Common conditions that reduce chances of recovery:

The following activities may write new files on the boot drive and permanently overwrite lost data:

Continuing to use the computer, especially for email and Internet browsing.

Leaving other programs running (such as instant messaging, backup, virus protection, local drive search engines, Windows Automatic Updates, etc.)

Downloading or installing new software (including File Scavenger?) on any drive on the computer. (The boot drive will be indirectly used even if you specify another drive for downloading or installing.)

Continuing to let other computers access the computer from a network (via a shared folder, for example).

Saving recovered files to the same drive.

Burning data to CD or DVD drives. (The boot drive will be indirectly used.)

If you have saved the 'recovered' files to the same HDD, this may be the reason for your difficulties.

<Edited for typo>

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what do you suggest?

by praneet.jhun In reply to According to Scavenger's ...

should i save data on another HDD
or is there anything else you suggest?
now its been more than a day and i have used my comp a lot after that!!

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