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Files from Win95 to XP

By daiyenuwa1 ·
I was hoping someone could lead me to information on transferring files (MS Office Suite files) from a Windows 95 machine to an XP (if it is even possible). Obviously, you can't do the USB method, so what options are there, if any.

Thanks a bunch.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Files from Win95 to XP

Place the MS Office CD in the CD Drive.
Browse to CD Drive.
Click Setup.
Setup Wizard will then begin running.
Input requested information and click OK and Next buttons, as required.
Remove Office CD from CD drive.
Reboot system at end of install.

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by Jaqui In reply to Files from Win95 to XP

well, if no cd burner, or floppy drive.

email to send the word/exel documents to other machine.
( yes win95 will connect to the internet.
it's just slower 'n molasses in january )

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by MagistrateMike In reply to Files from Win95 to XP

Setup a mini network (hub or router required) and start copying files over. Can try to help with the setup if you require.


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by dustyD In reply to Files from Win95 to XP

What BFilmFan is telling you in a roundabout way is that if you are trying to install an application onto XP from 95 or any other computer, it cannot be done without the installation CD.
Otherwise, use a floppy disk or hook up using a direct cable connection or network them using a crossover cable.

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by Gunnar Klevedal In reply to Files from Win95 to XP

Built-in utility in WinXP
There should be a utility in WinXP called Direct Cable connection. There is also a special cable you should use, maybe a 9f-9f null-modem cable.

When you connect, WinXP should load this utility to your Win95 computer. Then you should be able to transfer the documents via the serial ports.

Have not tried it yet.

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