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Files not being Released

By jeffh ·
Ok.. Now I've seen similar questions in these postings yet there hasn't been an answer that fits my situation.

Workstations: Win95 OSR2, Office 97 SR2b
Compaq Deskpros, P2/300 or better, Netelligent NICS.

Server: NT Server 4.0 SP6a
Compaq Proliant 1600

Network: 100BaseT, TCP/IP

User Joe opens an Office file,(Word or Excel), that is stored on the server in a mapped drive. (H for instance) User joe then saves the file and closes it. 30 minutes later, user joe or user jane or **** try to open the file. It says that the file is in use and to open a copy. After using WinFile to see who has it open, I have that person logoff and back on and then anyone can opened it. I can also use Winfile or Server Manager to closethe connection for someone else to open it.

I also notice that someone can logoff and shutdown their computer and NT's server manager will still show them as being connected. So this leads me to believe that it's a commm problem with NT and W95.

What do you all think?


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