Files on the flash drive have locked up.

By patcollett ·
Some files on the flash drive were not closed before the PC was shut down. Now they cannot be re-opened. What to do? PLEASE.

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The easy solution here

by OH Smeg In reply to Files on the flash drive ...

Would be to recopy them from the computer to the Thumb Drive.

Thumb Drives are not overly reliable and are subject to numerous issues all of which can lead to Data Loss. As such any USB Device should not be considered as Reliable just convenient.

If you are unable to recopy the Files your only real solution is to attack the device with some form of Data Recovery Software or if the Files are Important send the device to a Data Recovery Company.

The more that you do now unsuccessfully the higher the cost of the recovery will be and the less likely you are to get as much data recovered . However with all Data Recovery Attempts you need to remember that you NEVER write anything to the affected device you just copy from it and save elsewhere.

As for Data Recovery Applications there are many but here is a short list of some available:-

While the last 2 are from the same company they are very different products. Win Hex should only be considered foe use by someone who knows Hex Inside Out while Davory is a great cheap General Purpose Application.

Personally I prefer the On Track Option but it's anything but cheap. However because I use this type of software a lot it's paid for itself many times over by now, for a cheaper option Spin Rite from Gibson Research or Stella have both very good reputations by other TR members.


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