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By No_Problem ·
I have a user that runs Windows 98SE. When she tries to open an Excel document from the Windows NT 4.0 server (BDC) it opens slowly (5 seconds) at times, other times it opens within a milli second.

Why does this files sometimes do this?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Files on the Network

is it only Excel? is it only a certain document? what version excel
doesn't sound like Excel to me, sounds like network problem...

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by Ann777 In reply to Files on the Network

One document?

It's going to depend on a number of factors:
1) size of the file
2) network utilization
3) client utilization
4) memory on the client computer
5) hdd utilization (pulling up the excel program)

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by Ann777 In reply to

6) network adaptor

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by Mark In reply to Files on the Network

I once saw a similar problem and it had to do with the print driver. Try setting your default printer to a generic Laser Printer and see if the problem occurs. This particularly seems to happen with USB printers and in the case I had, I just instructed the user to leave the laser printer as default and change it in the program or when printing.

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