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    Files & Settings Transfer


    by mahender.negi ·

    hi all
    well I would like to know how i should tranfer user local profiles or old computer settings(Including Desktop,my computer,favorites,cookies,outlook/outlook express settings/mail data or rest user data) to new computer. is there any freeware available.

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      by blackcurrant ·

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      Have you tried using the File and Settings Transfer Wizard available in XP?

      Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools

      The program is easy to follow and gives you step-by-step screen instructions on how to transfer the profiles.

      So long as you accepted the default location for the Outlook files, they will be stored under the username. Otherwise, check the location of the Outlook files. Using Tools>Properties

      Good luck

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      by j.lupo ·

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      Well I usually use a network drive or USB connected drive to migrate. I don’t really have to do it often, so I never looked at software. When I do need to, it is usually between non-networked computers.

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      by cg it ·

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Well I’m [b]Terribly Lazy[/b] so I tend to just grab a USB Drive and save all the data to the Drive then move it to the new computer and dump it all to the HDD there in a Temp Folder.

      When I’m sure that I have all the Data I then move it to where it should be example My Documents go into the My Documents Folder and the Favourites can be copied straight across into the new Favourites Folder which you’ll find in Documents Settings| Profile Name.

      For your Address Book and E-Mail you can Import these into your new E-Mail Client to do this open the E-Mail Client and on the Top Menu Bar click on Files chose Import/Export and then follow the prompts. Just one word of warning here if you are trying to move files from Outlook Express to Outlook you’ll find it easier and faster to open Outlook Express First and then import the E-Mails and Address Book then open Outlook and begin to establish your E-Mail account this will import the Outlook Express Settings straight into your new Outlook Account.


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