Files starting with "io" are not showing in a folder

By NetAdminLCDArms ·
I have two servers, both are windows server 2003. Server A is a terminal sever and server B is a file server. While on server A, certain files are not displayed in a shared folder from server B. When the file share is viewed from any computer in our company all of the files are there. But when that same file share is viewed on serer A, any file that starts with "io" is not shown in the folder.

If a file name starts with anything other then "io" then it is seen by server A.

Current permissions set for that file share are
- everyone - full control
And server A has show hidden files turned on.
Also I'm logged on as Domain Admin to server A

Any help would be appreciated.

NetAdmin LCDArms

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That is very strange

by robo_dev In reply to Files starting with "io" ...

I assume you have checked the file attributes and ownership?

if you rename a file you can see to something starting with io, does it disappear?

What are these files used for?

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strange is right

by NetAdminLCDArms In reply to That is very strange

The files are mainly pdf's. Some are excel

Yep checked the file attributes and ownership.

A file I can see is named "myfile.pdf" If I rename it to "iomyfile.pdf" its gone.
Now if i open that same share on other computer then i can see the file "iomyfile.pdf" It is just on Server A (the terminal server)that files are not showing.

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Does the same behavior occur at a command prompt?

by robo_dev In reply to strange is right

Perhaps the GUI thinks these files are hidden?

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The behavior occurs at the command prompt

by NetAdminLCDArms In reply to Does the same behavior oc ...

Yes it does. Also I just tried this with a folder it does the same thing at the GUI and command prompt.

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by robo_dev In reply to The behavior occurs at th ...

Do you have an AV program running?

Maybe somehow 'io' is detected as a Virus signature and the file is getting quarantined?

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Something intersesting at the command prompt

by NetAdminLCDArms In reply to Does the same behavior oc ...

Below is a copy of the command prompt window. I did not see the last line before. I think this is part of the problem but not sure what to do with it

Directory of Y:\Report\OutputFiles\

09/15/2009 03:33 PM <DIR> .
09/15/2009 03:33 PM <DIR> ..
09/14/2009 12:26 PM 70,442 ARP.pdf
09/14/2009 02:37 PM 67,302 ARP.pdf
09/14/2009 03:44 PM 78,029 ARP.pdf
09/15/2009 03:17 PM 73,579 ARP.pdf
File Not Found

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