Files tranferred from a Mac to a windows server cannot be seen by the PCs

By chris ·
We have a strange issue that I am trying to find an answer to. We have several Macs in our design studio. Often we need jpg and png files created on these Macs to be accessible by the Windows PCs. However when the Macs save the files to our Windows 2003 files server sometimes, and I haven't been able to pinpoint a pattern, some PCs do not see the files; some do and some don't.
When the Macs save the files to the server they always save two files a hidden file with a ._ prefix and a standard jpg/png file. The files with the ._ prefix I believe are Mac only resource files not relevant to the PCs. But often the PCs can see the ._ files but not the real data files.
Not sure if the Mac operators are doing something strange occasionally when they save the files or if this is a Windows server/PC issue. Anyone seen this problem?

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How to Connect to Windows File Sharing (SMB)

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Files tranferred from a M ...
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Thanks but not the issue

by chris In reply to How to Connect to Windows ...

The Macs are connected to the Windows file server and the Macs have no problems saving the files to the server. The problem is sometimes teh Windows XP Pcs do not see the files the Macs have saved. I cannot pinpoint why some do see them and some don't.

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Have you checked the File and/or Folder permissions?

by SKDTech In reply to Files tranferred from a M ...

Check the permissions on the folders and files, if I recall correctly files beginning with a . are hidden by default so you might consider going to the XP systems and making hidden files and folders visible through the folder properties menu

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Yes they are hidden by default

by chris In reply to Have you checked the File ...

Yes the ._ files are hidden by default. The PCs only see those files if we show hidden files. Normally the PCs are set to not show hidden files os they do not see the ._ files. However I mentioned the ._ files because it seems the PCs see the ._ files after we unhide them while at the same time do not see the real data files.

I am doing some experimenting to see if there is a permissions issue, I have two PCs with the same server permissions. I will upload some files from the Macs onto the server and check if both PCs can see and open them. I will also try logging the PCs off and on again to see if that makes the files appear.

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