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Fill in the blank. A great leader is someone who___________

By Toni Bowers ·
I'll start. "...someone who can admit their mistakes."

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I wish all were like this

by stephenmoriarty In reply to Fill in the blank. A grea ...

not afraid to get his hands dirty with the work of his employees

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A Leader Should be like this

by suraj.rajan In reply to I wish all were like this

Who always believes that behind all his achievements there was a major role played by his hard working employees.

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CMDR Roy Boehm....1st SEAL, a True Leader

by James Speed In reply to I wish all were like this

I've had the honor of knowing the very first Navy SEAL, CMDR Roy Boehm. He was tasked by President Kennedy to form this elite group of warriors. He served in three wars, WWII, Korea, Vietnam with Special operations.

CMDR Boehm is most unique idividual I have ever met. He inspires his men like no other. With him at point - I would follow him THROUGH the gates of **** itself without fear. The last time I saw him was well over 20 years ago. Recently I was able to talk to him through email - he hasnt changed a bit. Yes, and as you would imagine, still cantankerous at 80!

What makes someone like CMDR Boehm a great leader? I believe it takes a number of things to be a TRUE leader.

1. Integrity with his/her subordinates.
2. Courage to stand for the truth and what is right not matter what the cost. (and in the military, to even lay down your life for your men)
3. Care and compassion for those under you
4. The unique ability to truly inspire your subordinates to achieve more than they ever thought they could.

CMDR Boehm has written a book called "First SEAL", I would HIGHLY recommend reading it if you would like to see what a leader and a true Hero says about life. It may give you a fresh perspective on how to be an even better leader.

You can visit his website at

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Many Years Earlier

by Observant In reply to CMDR Roy Boehm....1st SEA ...

During WWII, General Eisenhower walked into his war room and tossed a piece of string on the table in front of a room full of other generals.

He said "Gentlemen, that string represents your men. Push it and it goes everywhere but where you want it to. But place one finger on the end and begin to pull and it will follow you wherever you go. ... My point, gentlemen, is this: the troops are not willing to go where you are not, but they are willing to follow you wherever you lead."

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No Better Leader Than a Military Leader

by ward_quaglietti In reply to CMDR Roy Boehm....1st SEA ...

Here here jspeed. The best leaders seem to have had military experience as they truly understand that respect is earned. You take care of your men and women, have good morales, and act in just cause, what follows is total dedication and loyalty by the subordinates.

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Leaders from the Military?

by Aaron A Baker In reply to No Better Leader Than a M ...

I've known quite a few Military Leaders that were far more interested in showing you the fact that they were Military rather than be good leaders. I suggest that there are both good and bad on both sides.
Nuff said on"Military Leaders" in a civilian position. It might be agood idea however for the Military Leaders to remember that they are in a "Civilian" Capacity and should therefore not expect the same level of "yes Sir/no Sir that they would get in the forces.
The key word here is Civilian.

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by usokz In reply to Leaders from the Military ...

A leader or I should say a great manager of employees is one that knows how to handle issues not in black and white (as most former military leaders do...and yes this is from experience people!) but know how to wade through the gray areas that most frequently arise.

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Military Leaders

by aashish70 In reply to Leaders from the Military ...

I agree with the emphasis on the keyword 'civilian'. As someone else also has put it in this chain that the leader should not see things as 'Black and white' but as we are all shades of Gray, some more towards Black and some more towards white, people should be dealt with similarly.
What should be taken from the Military leaders though is the concept that the leader should be ready to 'fight for his men' (though not all military leaders are like that).

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by MinJRB In reply to I wish all were like this

...makes sacrifices along with those who work underneath him. My director who reports directly to the CIO, (my site manager reports to a national manager and all three of us report to the director,) made it clear that he did not want a raise until everyone who works underneath him has received their raise.

As a result, he has secured my loyalty. He could have chosen to get a raise in his six-figure income. However, he chose to tough it out like the rest of us. I thought that was very admirable.

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...doesn't have extra-marital "sexual relations" with his juniors.

by shamusoneil06 In reply to I wish all were like this

If the guy can't keep a promise to his wife, then how will he ever keep a promise to anyone else?

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