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fill in the blank -The best cross platform programming language is

By Jaqui ·
What language do you think is best for cross platform development?

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by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to fill in the blank -The be ...

Because us ignorant non-programmers speak it, and we're the ones running the project anyway!

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so, to clarify....

by Jaqui In reply to English!

you are saying that Beginners Allpurpose Symbolic Instruction Code is the best language. [ BASIC ]

it is little more than english.

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by apotheon In reply to so, to clarify....

BASIC is nowhere near as useful a language as English.

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BASIC isn't English,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to so, to clarify....

COBOL is :-)

English is pretty lousy across platforms. Try to port it to an Asian system. You'll have to completely recompile...

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not exactly

by apotheon In reply to BASIC isn't English,

COBOL is legalese.
"The party of the first part shall not, in concert with and by contract with, the party of the fourth parth, engage, without the party of the second part, services provided therewith to the party of the third part, inasmuch as . . ."

BASIC is baby-talk.
"Would-ums wike a lollipop? Would-ums wike a print statement?"

VisualBasic is ebonics.
I'll let you imagine your own example of this one.

(edit: typo)

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More language metaphors

by Sterling "chip" Camden Contributor In reply to not exactly

Java is geek-speak

C# is the geek promoted to management

Ruby is a Zen koan

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by Jaqui In reply to fill in the blank -The be ...

Because, when done right, it has significant performance benefits and is one of the more powerfull languages available. C++ can be used to control the hardware, unlike most other languages.

While this means that C++ can damage the system, it also means that it has capabilities that other languages lack.

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Java, hands down

by csotelo In reply to C++

If you are doing driver/kernel development, by all means do it in C, or C++ if you must, but if you are really interested in portability - that is you want a "line of business" application that must run now, in the foreseeable future, and on "n" diferent platforms, - Java wins hands down. Plus it is not that hard to find qualified programmers.

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Java +

by csotelo In reply to Java, hands down

In addition, the idea of Java "non-virtual" machines (see Azul line, or possible developments in the T Series of SunFire Servers) makes it easier than ever to scale Java to handle XXL sized loads.

P.S. and no, I'm not working for either Sun or Azul... :)

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Java? really?

by Jaqui In reply to Java, hands down

since when does incompatable jvm's and conflicts between different java apps jvm requirements make it a reliable cross platform language?

I actually refuse to install any jvm, or any application that requires java, since the conflicts in the runtime environments are prohibitive. one interpreter for every java application, I will concider it, until then, stick java where the sun don't shine.

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