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Fill in the blank: The BEST software I ever used was...

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
We asked about your worst software experiences... let's talk about the best.

Name your ALL-TIME FAVORITE SOFTWARE in the title of your reply, then use the body of your post to expound upon the absolute wonder and effectiveness of the application in question.

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by RAPace In reply to Fill in the blank: The BE ...

Just being able to take a single screen shot of a window that requires scrolling instead of splicing multiple shots in a photo program makes Snag-it one of the greatest utility apps that I have ever used. Over the years it has probably shaved months off something I consider an unavoidable evil - writing user documentation.

That it is fairly intuitive with a decent interface and just packed with other nifty features is icing on an already tasty cake.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Snag-it

Snag-it is one of the best programs I have invested money in!

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Similar or better...

by philwright001 In reply to Absolutely

I like HyperCam (Does Video too so good for creating demos) and Gadwin Print Screen is a wonderful simple and powerful screen capture tool with some pretty sexy features.

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It's a toss up between

by Jaqui In reply to Fill in the blank: The BE ...

3D Studio Max and Maya.

both are very similar, but have distinctly different feel to them. I like them both equally for the quality and rubustness.

I would have to pick Maya over Max for one reason only, it runs on Linux and Max doesn't.

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Possibly TuneUp Utillities

by Neil Higgins In reply to It's a toss up between

as it saves me from wrecking the regestry on my home pc,tidying up left-over rubbish,and getting rid of fragments of data I've already uninstalled,via normal means.All in all,in my opinion,a useful piece of software,if you dont have the time to "play" tech repair guy if your in a hurry.

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Yes, TuneUp Utilities

by Belladrum In reply to Possibly TuneUp Utillitie ...

I do agree. I have found it to be very useful for maintaining so many different aspects of performance each of which has a safety net in the form of abckup and undo features.

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Believe it or not, Crap Cleaner

by Tig2 In reply to Fill in the blank: The BE ...

Registry fix-it tool. Easy to use, intuitive interface. Don't have to worry about having to rebuild the reg because the end user did something silly (I include myself in "silly end users". It is possible to get over confident...).

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ccleaner rocks

by jamest In reply to Believe it or not, Crap C ...

Love it too. Only discovered it 3 months ago. I ran the registry clean up, association clean ups and all the other ones too. I ended up being able to run winamp again without it crashing (and i thought it was a RAM problem!) Just gotta watch out and not install yahoo toolbar when you initial install.

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by Ziskey In reply to Fill in the blank: The BE ...

It brought virtualization to the masses and continues to improve. It can be used to save on resources, testing, DR, etc...

nmap and snort are excellent programs as well

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VMWare, yes!

by Stella246 In reply to VMWare

...and I haven't even upgraded yet...

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