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Fill in the blank: The WORST software I ever used was...

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Fill in the blank: The worst software I ever used was...

What is the kludgiest, most poorly designed, buggiest, counter-intuitive, prone-to-breakdown, driver-devouring, update-eluding, worst piece of crap app you've ever had the displeasure of using?

Name the software in the title of your reply, then use the body of your post to expound upon the absolute wretchedness of the application in question.

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Inhouse Payroll Batch system

by In reply to Fill in the blank: The WO ...

COBOL, batch, Maintained by dedicated folks who did a lot of hacking and praying at year end. 36 separate Unions demanding weird, illogical pay options. When the company shut down the plant, they laid off all but one Payroll programmer, and he died of a heart attack trying to keep it running until the plant was completely closed.

I maintained the online front end of it, in ADF.

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In-house ERP system

by endlr In reply to Inhouse Payroll Batch sys ...

No, it was our home brewed ERP system, written and maintained by the worst much of nimrods who ever dared to call themselves programmers. Test software changes before releasing them? Not on their watch.

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Medical Software - Practice Partner

by ecm In reply to Inhouse Payroll Batch sys ...

Practice Partner without a doubt has them all beat. Like it was programmed by a retarded 10-year-old with dyslexia. Runs only on windows, but doesn't use Win GUI calls; database is proprietary and bug ridden, no functional search mechanism, doesn't interface with other programs well - what a nightmare. Absolutely not designed for medical practitioners, they've taken no time to consider HOW the program will be used, but only whether the hospital administrator guy will be happy.

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Anyone ever hear of Macola? All I have to say is "Oy Vey!"

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Inhouse Payroll Batch sys ...

It's supposed to be a financial application, but is loaded with bugs that cause all sorts of database file locking issues and file corruption.

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by ccthompson In reply to Fill in the blank: The WO ...

I have had more trouble with this than any other software I have ever used. It is poor poor coding or somthing. Im no programmer, but just messing around with this so long, I have figured out how to modify the files of it to make it work correctly. You shouldnt have to do that!!!!!!

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Winfax 10.3

by mypl8s4u2 In reply to Winfax

Since it?s inception with Delrina 7.x, Winfax was ?the? program to get. With the advent of version 8, prior to being bought out by Symantec, it was still the best program out there. Symantec took over the program but never did anything with it. Matter of fact, they won?t even support it in a network environment, though it can be networked. If you get it up and running, great, but if it crashes, leave it alone. There are more hassles removing it than there are leaving it alone. I believe the last version to ship was 10.3 which was the worst of the worst.

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Winfax is bad?

by Tink! In reply to Winfax 10.3

I used Winfax at my last job to run a stand-alone Fax-On-Demand system. Never had problems with it.

What I don't like is that Talkworks is not automatically included with Winfax anymore.

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used to be great...

by graffixalley In reply to Winfax is bad?

I ran Winfax/Talkworks in my small business and in my county IT job for several years. I, too, was miffed when the upgrade excluded Talkworks and quit using it.

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I concur winfax was a mess.

by X-MarCap In reply to Winfax

Nice printer...

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I hate WinFax

by sunburst01 In reply to I concur winfax was a mes ...

Its horrible.

Had to add my 2 cents :)

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