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    Filtering errors in Outlook 2000


    by dickw ·

    I have a lot of filters set up and I get the following error messages on some of them:
    ‘Cannot remove messages from the folder.’ or
    ‘You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation.’

    If I go to the filter wizard and select ‘Run Now’, I don’t always get the messages, but do sometimes. When I run again then they run without errors.

    It seems to be certain filters that fail. Usually ‘Junk E-mail’ and several others that I have setup. Some of them I have removed and set them up again and they still fail occasionly.

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      Filtering errors in Outlook 2000

      by stillatit ·

      In reply to Filtering errors in Outlook 2000

      Are you opening any mailboxes which are not your primary mailbox? If you try to apply a move rule from one of these, you may not have the permissions to do so. If you are in a corporate environment, some mail server virus checkers slap a lock on each incoming message which has an attachment as it is checked for viruses, and this may be doing it to you.

      Junk E-mail is a client rule, which only runs when Outlook is open. These rules theoretically run after all of the server rules. If a serverrule moves a message and does not stop further rule processing, then another rule tries to move the message, it will probably generate the message you are seeing.

      I have also seen this error when I am looking at a message on one computer, move it on another computer, then try to move the message (or delete it) on the first computer.

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        Filtering errors in Outlook 2000

        by dickw ·

        In reply to Filtering errors in Outlook 2000

        I am opening mail on my desktop only. There is only the one mailbox. No rules are set up on the e-mail server. I’m not using exchange or any such setup.

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      Filtering errors in Outlook 2000

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Filtering errors in Outlook 2000


      Your issues are with the Outlook E-mail Security.

      Microsoft issued an update regarding all of those security issues. Cut and paste this link for the whols scoop and related links:

      (REMOVE SPACES if they snuck into the pasted URL)


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