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Filtering NDRs

By James Schroer ·
We are a Exchange2000 shop and this is what I want to do. I want to be able to filter out what NDRs get delivered to our exchange admin box. This is why... We've just switched our naming convention from to at the begining of the year and now we just removed the from the users e-mail address BUT we still have a people trying to send to and when they do we like to recieve it in the admin box so we can forward it on and let them know they need to update their contact info. BUT we also have people that have been gone for years that are still reciveing mounds of junk mail that's going to the admin's box. What I want to do is stop the old employes from coming in the the admin box at all but allow others to come in. Is there a way I could do this?

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by an_it_guy In reply to Filtering NDRs

When you get into your Exchange2000 console, drill-down to your Default SMTP Server, right-clik and select 'Properties'.
Goto 'Messages' tab, enter your administrator email address in the field thats says 'Deliver Non-delivery reports to' .

Further, in order for you to distinguish between your existing users' mails on their old id, and those who have left the company, might be a bit tricky.

I guess, using Rules Wizard on Administrator mailbox can help you do this.
First rule that you can set will say: IF message-body or address consists <<email-address of old employee>>; discard that mail or move it to a folder for 'Old employees'.
You can use another rule if you receive a lot of junk mails apart from those addressed to you old domain.
Second Rule (optional) can state: IF message-body/address does not consist <<your old domain>>, then delete it, or move it to 'Really Junk' folder.
Let us know if this helps sort out your problem.

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by James Schroer In reply to

This kind kind of worked. I already had the ndr sent to the admin box but the problem is we don't have an outlook set up to open just the admin box. I usually have it added to my outlook view. And the problem with that is that the rules don't run on it automaticly nor does the archiving. BUT I can run the rule manualy and still get every e-mail address out that I don't want. Just a few more steps than I would like but it's better than the old way. Thanks

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by James Schroer In reply to Filtering NDRs

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