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    Final Day’s Going out of Business e-mails!!!!!!!


    by now left tr ·

    Just how many are TR going to send of these so called final day mails!!!!! It is getting a joke – basic SPAM!

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      Dec 21 is the last email!

      by meganha ·

      In reply to Final Day’s Going out of Business e-mails!!!!!!!

      Thursday, Dec 21 2006 will be the final email for our going out of business sale. The store may remain open until the 1st of the year but you won’t see anymore email from the bookstore after Thursday. If you haven’t already purchased something this is your last week to do so. Thanks to everyone in the community who purchased something from us. It has been a pleasure serving you for the past eight years.

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        Long final days…

        by now left tr ·

        In reply to Dec 21 is the last email!

        Just like shops that sell sofas & chairs in the UK.

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          And, then, re-open under a new name or new ownership.

          by deepsand ·

          In reply to Long final days…

          They do that here in the States as well, particularly the furniture stores and purveyors of rugs and “fine” carpets.

          It very well may be a universal tradiotn.

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