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Finally The Ultimate OS

I woke up from a dream that was so real I was so mad waking up from it. I dreamt that Microsoft had finally released the Ultimate OS which was all I ever dreamed of and needed for my PC. It was so perfect that I woke up and wanted to fall back to sleep to finish up that wonderful dream.

The Ulitimate OS is all that you want in an OS and al that you really need for an OS. All is was was the OS kernel and files needed to boot up and get into the operating environment. There was no embedded applications like IE, media player, no entertainment goodies nor additional and unwanted stuff to clutter the wonderful OS. There was the window explorer to allow exploring the drives(s) and it's contents, there was the System Information tool that gave you the breakdown of how the system was configured with it's hardware and software components. The control panel and it's options were there as usual but all options we specific to user needs.

All I had to do was load exactly what I needed and wanted to use on the box, it was so wonderful. I needed burning software (Nero and Roxio Easy Media Creator), my MP3 Player (WinAmp), my movie player (Intervideo WinDVD and Media Player) the media player of course was what I loaded and wasn't preloaded with the OS, I could choose what version I wanted 9 or 10, Office 2003 Professional which gives me all the other features and tools I really needed. For my browser I used IE and FireFox and of course the IE was like any other application that could be added and removed without affecting the OS functionality. A few other goodies and toys of my choice and I was good.

Now what am I missing, hmmmmm

Darn, I woke up....

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old OS and the best

by glyall In reply to Finally The Ultimate OS

the best Ultimate OS is are brains.

It would be great to hang some wire to our heads
and be connected to the web.
We would find the bad guys very fast and stop them before them could get started.

We would not not keyboards, mices or things like that.
We would maybe need printer to print to.
We could have an external storage device to dump ideas to so that we would not have a brain overload and upload to get them back or exchange data with someone else.

Just think would our lives to be like.

Good or bad?
Dreams or reality?
Think about it!

Keep dreaming we will get there someday.
Drams do became reality.

Keep thinking
Remember the more we know the more we forget

Our brains are the best computer ever made.
The good and bad that comes with it.

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Ain't that the truth

by TITSSNI In reply to old OS and the best

Still yet the human factor is always at the bottom of the chain of importance until sh*t hits the fan and everything fails except the human elements still left standing.

But still we dream on. Who knows whwre it's heading and where it'll end (if it does).

The Suite

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Should've known it was a dream....

by AcesKaraoke In reply to Ain't that the truth

...if MS made the ultimate Just kidding. They've come a long way from 3.11 for workgroups (my first dealing with 'em).

I've adapted to and been overall pretty happy with 98 and XP except for some security issues (most of which seem to have been rather successfully dealt with in Service Pack 2). I'm just starting to learn a bit more about Linux.

I'm sure there's going to be plenty of demand for people who can work both.

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lol, One can dream

by TITSSNI In reply to Should've known it was a ...

and that's the beauty of it, dreams are what balances life from what you get from what you really need.


The Suite

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