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Financial Security

By aweaver75 ·
I am an IT major so I know how to protect my information while I am online. I keep my wireless routers encrypted and secure and take the proper precautions to protect my information. I use my debit card online all the time, and have never had a problem until a couple of days ago. Tuesday night I ordered a Pizza from Papa Johns online (which I have done numerous times with no problems) the next day I had two charges on my debit card for "Internet Mall" totalling almost 900 dollars! Of course I am not going to be held responsible for any of this, but I was wondering what the likely hood is that my PC has been hacked, or that someone from Papa Johns has stolen my number. Because I have other credit cards that I have used online, but those cards have not be compromised. I am usually very careful what I download and click on and I do not use filesharing programs.
Thanks in advance.

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Financial Security

Usually this happen when you have a Keylogger, Spyware, ... on your computer.
Try to scan your computer with different AV/Anti-Spyware applications.

Try application like Ad-Aware, Malwarebyte, Spybot search and destroy, ... these are the best.
If you have something they will find it

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