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    Find a friendly modem or wait for cable/


    by accuman ·

    I’ve got a NW5 server set up at home. I could use some recommendations on modem brands and models that set up will with Novell. Or, since cable and dsl will be available in my area this fall, should I wait for that? Suggestions welcome!

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      Find a friendly modem or wait for cable/

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to Find a friendly modem or wait for cable/

      If you have business to do, I don’t think I would depend on promised delivery dates for cable/DSL, although it IS slick once it finally arrives. And even then, you’ll probably still want dial-up to send faxes or act as a backup to the DSL or cable.

      Personally, I’m quite fond of the USRobotics (now 3Com) external modems. Although some products (notably fax sharing programs) require a little tweaking of the initialization strings, the USR modems have always worked for me right out of the boxfor normal dial-in/dial-out type stuff on a server. Also, the USR modems support adaptive answering so the same phone line can receive incoming faxes or remote access connections.

      I really prefer external modems on servers but I can’t tell you exactly why – just kind of a sense that it’s better that way.


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