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Find a logged in user on an NT Domain

By ahlfeld.t ·
How do i find if a user is currently logged on to my NT domain. In Netware 3.x you could type userlist to get the information. Is there a similar command in the NT networking world.

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Use Server Manager

by b_russ In reply to Find a logged in user on ...

If you go to the control panel on the server console there will be an icon called server or server manager go it is in there. Hope this helps

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Server Manager

by Admin-Stuart In reply to Use Server Manager

Using the Server Manager will show a list of computers in the domain, and you can view the shares in use, who is using them, and what operation is being performed (e.g. Read, Write, etc.) by selecting one computer off the list (assuming it is an NT system, not 9x)at a time, then selecting "In Use". This could get time consuming browsing through every PC on the list to view all shares in use and who is using them, and won't even guarantee you'll see everyone who is logged on to the domain, justthe ones attached to shares at the moment.

You can use the audit function in User Manager for Domains, under the Policies menu, to audit logon and logoff success and failure. If you're looking for failed logon attempts, it would be better to specify just Failure, because auditing successes and failures both might overwhelm the security event logs depending on the scope of your domain.

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to find out if A user is logged in ot no

by szhu In reply to Server Manager

use net send userid " ", it tells you if userid is logged in domain or not.
Next use "nbtstat -c" to find out which machine is logged in from if userid is logged in.

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