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Find all instances of a cell value

By nulubez ·
I need to find all instances of a cell value from worksheet 1 on worksheet 2 and then depending on whether or not there is a specific value in another cell within that row make some calculations.

I will explain better:

"A1" holds unique occurrences of ID#s. I need to find ALL occurrences from another sheet and check to see if a specific value is present in another column within that row. If this is the case then I need to take the date associated with that specific occurrence and compare it to the one on the unique record.

I would like this to be in VBA not a formula. This is sloppy and does not work but I will paste what I have so you can get an idea of what I am trying to do.

Set Rng2 = Range("A9:A1009")
Set Rng3 = Range(ctNum)
For Each Cell In Rng2
rowNum = Cell.Row
For Each Row In Rng3
.....and so on....

I know this sounds confusing... I apologize - Let me know where I can clarify if needed.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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