find all the links to a particular file in XP

By jahinz ·
We make extensive use of shortcuts in our simple peer-to-peer XP networks. Obviously, it is easy to learn what file a particular shortcut is linked to BUT, how do I find all the existing links to a particular file? Example: The "Release.doc" file resides in a hidden storage folder. Multiple shortcuts to "Release.doc" are all over the network for user's convenience. How can I go to "Release.doc" and discover all the shortcuts that are linked to it? Maybe this is a dumb question but it would be helpful when we need to rename things.

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re: links to one particular file....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to find all the links to a p ...

As far as I know, there is no such thing unless you can find some 3rd part software to do it for you.

You can always rename a file and count the number of people who start yelling when their shortcut doesn't work!

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by Jacky Howe In reply to re: links to one particul ...

that would be quicker than going to each workstation and looking for links in each user account.

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Use Windows Search

by Bizzo In reply to find all the links to a p ...

Start -> Search -> For File and Folders ...
In the filename part put *.lnk
In the "word or phrase" part put Release.doc

And that should do it, but you'd need to do it on all your machines.

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Thanks for your responses

by jahinz In reply to Use Windows Search

I was hoping someone knew of some little-known trick or 3rd-party software. My dark side likes the idea of renaming and seeing who complains but my wife owns the company so I have consider the need for domestic tranquility. Thanks all.

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I didn't think of that. Thanks.

by jahinz In reply to Use Windows Search

Of course that works. As you say, I have to do it on all machines but it's better than nothing. Sorry I did not respond earlier. Too much other stuff going on. I first used your suggestion this morning and I wanted to be sure to thank you.

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No problem

by Bizzo In reply to I didn't think of that. T ...

Happy to help.

We do this for the love of TechRepublic, and of course the "thumbs"

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