Find and delete hidden Windows Vista and XP device drivers

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Just because a driver is grayed out doesn't necessarily mean that it is non-essential. For example, my printer driver was grayed out, UNTIL I TURNED THE PRINTER ON, then it was no longer grayed out. The same holds true for other external devices. I am reluctant to, willy-nilly, uninstall grayed out drivers. For example, I don't know what a "ST310003 40AS USB Device" or a WD 5000AAK External USB Device" is either. They are both grayed out, but if I uninstall them, and essential, how would I get them back. One more thing, I opened "Display adapters, and find a grayed out item: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra driver and when I looked into details, I find that it is a newer version of the driver than the one which is currently being used (not grayed out). What to do, what to do. While this video sounds very helpful, for me it raises more questions and issues that it solved.

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a thought.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Find and delete hidden Wi ...

How would you get them back after you deleted the drivers. Plug the device back in, and let plug and pray work its magic. Odds are, the drivers are residing in another directory. Or you can allow Plug and pray to search on the net, and it will pull down the drivers for you and install it.

But my question is, is why would you want to do this? Most of the time, I tell people, if you don't know what it is, don't remove it!

Computers only do what they are told, if you installed the 5900 drivers, and it has a newer version in another directory. Did you tell the computer to use the new drivers? Probably not, b/c if you did it would be using them.

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Article Comment

by TheChas In reply to Find and delete hidden Wi ...


You meant to post this as a comment to an IT Dojo article and not as a question.

You are correct that you may not want to remove every grayed out device.


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