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    find another computer on network


    by lowplaces4us ·

    We are running through a d link router. All 3 computers can connect to the internet. 2 of the computers are on Windows 7 and run on XP. The one on XP is the one I can’t get on the workgroup. What do I do?

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      by lowplaces4us ·

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      Win-7 Workgroup or HomeGroup?

      by oldbaritone ·

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      Did you set up a workgroup on the Windows-7 machines, or is it using the “HomeGroup” feature of Windows-7? XP won’t talk to a Homegroup. Set up a “real” workgroup in Windows-7 and enable file sharing, then you should all be able to see each other.

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        work group

        by lowplaces4us ·

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        Hi, I did set it up on a work group instead of a home group. So I don’t think that’s it. Any other thoughts?


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          link layer prototol?

          by beanxyz ·

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          I remember before when I tried to connect windows xp to vista, I had to install link layer protocol in windows xp. Mightbe it’s the same with windows 7

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          by lowplaces4us ·

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          I couldn’t find a link layer topology in XP. Do I have to download one?


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          network discovery and file and printer sharing enabled on Windows 7?

          by cg it ·

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          and what network is active on Windows 7? Home/Work/Domain/Public?

          Each network has different default settings in the firewall.

          If network discovery isn’t on, turn it on for Windows 7 and turn on public folder sharing. Those, at least will show up in the workgroup.

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